McCollum CSA Celery
Celery is a plant of the Apiaceae family and is consumed as a vegetable that can be found throughout the world, and as an integral part of certain cultures’ cuisine. It is most commonly found in soups and salads, or as a garnish to certain dishes. Also, it is commonly eaten as a snack, since it is quite filling, but not fattening. The perfect bunch of celery is crisp and mild, with a slight peppery bite. Bitter celery is the result of poor growing conditions or an overly mature plant. Although bitter celery isn’t suited for a raw treat, cooking it can sometimes salvage the bunch. Lessen the unpleasant flavor with proper preparation and cooking. Celery stores well in the freezer; chop into pieces and stores in freezer bags for soup, stews, etc. And don’t forget you can use the leaves!


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